Saturday, September 30, 2006

'Esha should not marry a filmy guy'

By Subhash K Jha"She's absolute fully certifiable star material. Soft spoken graceful and beautiful," that's how the hostess-with-the-mostest The Esha describes Ahana Deol who'll be seen for the first time as a grownup lady on telvision on Star World's Rendezvous tomorrow night.According to Simi Ahana is true star material. "She is stunning on camera. It's just a matter of time before she takes the plunge into an acting career."But Ahana's mom Hema Malini thinks her baby girl is too shy to face the camera. "Not at all!" protests Simi."Ahana isn't shy. In fact she's spoken so well on my show. It's just that having Esha as a sister sort of inhibits Ahana. Esha is SO strong and tough." Esha talks about how important it's for girls to learn kick-boxing and protect themselves from predatory men. "I told her on the show that only three heroines Priyanka, Rani and Esha have no boyfriends. Esha looked at me as if she's kill me," laughs Simi. Recalls Simi, "They came together with their mom on my show when they were much younger. But now Ahana and Esha have both grown up.You've to see the change in them. People will enjoy the transformation and you've to see how protective Esha is of Ahana, and vice versa. Ahana says she doesn't want her sister to marry anyone in the industry. When I ask them who's emotional Esha says Ahana is so emotional that even when she sees a puppy straying on the road she gets tears in her eyes. Ahana comments, ' A women should've hearts as strong as women.'Esha also talks about her father Dharmendra, says that he never saw Dhoom though he liked Ankahee. Simi plays the old Rendezvous clip where Esha asks Dharmendra to join films. Now Rendezvous is almost over. "Now that this Rendezvous season is almost over, I feel my worry that I won't be able to get enough top-notch guests was unfounded," sighs Simi."The only one on my wish-list who couldn't come was Sania Mirza. She said she'd come only when she started winning. Too bad this season is over."

Friday, September 22, 2006

Esha Deol plays a ghost in RGV's DARLING

Ram Gopal Varma's forthcoming film DARLING stars Fardeen Khan, Ishaa Koppikar and Esha Deol. Going by the title, one can least expect it to be a horror film. But then what can one expect from a maverick director like him. Besides Varma and bubblegum romance? Seems as diverse as chalk and cheese!
Apparently Esha Deol plays a ghost in the film. It may be recalled that even Koppikar played a ghost in KRISHNA COTTAGE earlier. Likewise Fardeen and Deol have had their brush with horror/thriller flicks namely BHOOT and KAAL respectively.
So after her much-hyped 'Madonna' hairdo in ANKAHEE, catch Esha in a diametrically different avatar now!