Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mama is the first choice for Esha Deol

If it is between Mama dear and Mahesh Bhatt, the choice is all too obvious for Esha Deol. So, no brows are to be raised when the babe left Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Jannat’ for the film to be produced by Hema Malini. The film tells the story of a danseuse and will be directed by actress-turned-director Revathy.

Esha had previously committed for Mahesh Bhatt’s presentation ‘Jannat’ to be directed by Kunal Deshmukh. Esha’s co-star was Emraan Hashmi. The shooting is to start in November in South Africa. But it turned out that Esha has to train extensively for her mother’s film, which goes on the floors in December. Naturally, it is impossible to juggle the two roles together. So, Esha talked with Bhatt and bowed out of ‘Jannat’. Now, Bhatt and Deshmukh are looking for another actress to replace Esha.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

बेहतर है पुराने घर में लौटनाः ऐशा देओल

वर्ष 2006 में ऐशा अपनी मां हेमा मालिनी और बहन अहाना के साथ गोरेगांव स्थित बंगले में रहने चली गई थीं।

वर्ष 2006 में ऐशा अपनी मां हेमा मालिनी और बहन अहाना के साथ गोरेगांव स्थित बंगले में रहने चली गई थीं।

मुंबई। अभिनेत्री ऐशा देओल अपने जुहू स्थित पुराने बंगले में लौटकर काफी खुश हैं। इस बंगले से उनकी कई मीठी यादें जुड़ी हैं।

वर्ष 2006 में ऐशा अपनी मां हेमा मालिनी और बहन अहाना के साथ गोरेगांव स्थित बंगले में रहने चली गई थीं, ताकि जुहू स्थित बंगले में पुनर्निर्माण का कार्य किया जा सके।

ऐशा कहती हैं कि हमें अपने पुराने घर की बेहद याद आती थी, उससे हमारी कई मीठी यादें जुड़ी हैं। अहाना और मैं उसी घर में बड़े हुए हैं।

फिल्म उद्योग से जुड़ी मां की सभी सहेलियां भी वहीं रहती हैं। पुनर्निर्माण का काम पूरा होते ही हम जल्दी से जल्दी वहां वापिस लौटने की योजना बना रहे हैं।

ऐशा के अनुसार, मानसून के दिनों जुहू के हमारे घर में पानी घुस जाता था, जो हमारी सबसे बड़ी समस्या थी।

घर के बाहर का सारा काम पूरा हो चुका है अब वहां केवल आंतरिक साज-सज्जा का काम शेष रह गया है। इन दिनों ऐशा शिवम नायर की फिल्म एक्सचेंज ऑफर की शूटिंग में व्यस्त हैं।

Friday, June 20, 2008

I will make my mother watch my new movie: Esha Deol

Actress Esha Deol, who has played a loud Tamilian in the comedy “One Two Three”, has one regret - that her mother Hema Malini, a true-blue Tamilian, was not around to watch her recently released comic caper.

“My mother has become quite a jet-setter travelling all over the place for her dance recitals. She’s in Kolkata right now. I’ll make her see ‘One Two Three’ as soon as she returns,” Esha told IANS.

esha-deol-wallpaper-9668-5641 I will make my mother watch my new movie: Esha Deol

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Esha turns dad Dharmendra’s costume designer

Ever since Dharmendra stepped into the arc lights again, daughter Esha Deol has taken upon herself the responsibilities of his wardrobe and even gifted him a suitcase full of clothes on his birthday.

“I’ve been shopping for him all around the world for many months now, collecting the clothes that suit him and he likes to wear. In fact, in the last six months since he has come into the limelight again, I’ve become his costume designer, Esha told IANS.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Esha Deol: I have to be in love to be married

Esha Deol broke into a walk on ramp in Malaysia. "I think the music got to me. I walk like my dad and that doesn't suit the ramp. Models walk like cool cats whereas I walk like a stray cat," she laughs. She plays the character of Ritika in her next forthcoming film 'Just Married'. Where she went through the emotions of getting arrange marriage. She says, "I felt very uneasy. Marriage can't be taken lightly. I have to be in love to be married to him." When asked what she like most in a man, she replies, "There can't be another Dharmendra for sure, but if a guy looks a bit like him, I'll be interested. I like all-heart-no-bull talk. He should lead a healthy lifestyle because that lasts longer than a hot body."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Esha Deol plays a ghost in RGV's DARLING

Ram Gopal Varma's forthcoming film DARLING stars Fardeen Khan, Ishaa Koppikar and Esha Deol. Going by the title, one can least expect it to be a horror film. But then what can one expect from a maverick director like him. Besides Varma and bubblegum romance? Seems as diverse as chalk and cheese!
Apparently Esha Deol plays a ghost in the film. It may be recalled that even Koppikar played a ghost in KRISHNA COTTAGE earlier. Likewise Fardeen and Deol have had their brush with horror/thriller flicks namely BHOOT and KAAL respectively.
So after her much-hyped 'Madonna' hairdo in ANKAHEE, catch Esha in a diametrically different avatar now!