Sunday, June 04, 2006 - ESHA DEOL'S BOLD DRESS - Bollywood

Hema Malini's daughter Esha Deol until recently the next door girl, will rock the industry by her bold and sexy image in Vikram Bhatt's movie 'Ankahee' based on his love life with Sushmita Sen. Though Vikram has denied any such connection between his real life and Sushmita Sen, he admits that the movie might reflect the relationship of the movie's hero with a former Miss beauty. Queen. Anyway, the movie will leave no stone unturned in depicting romance between the movie's couple. Industry sources reveal that the dress worn by Esha Deol in the movie will shock Bollywood viewers as her dress may expose her body. When asked if her mother would not object to her daughter's dress, Esha declares that her mother's time is no longer there. If she follows her mother's style, the daughter would have to go out of Bollywood.
Esha Deol rocks, Ankahee does not
It is. It is not.No, I am not pulling out petals. And this is not a game of He loves me, He loves me not. This is what the following prompts you to speculate.Ankahee is promoted, marketed, projected, blah blah whatever as a "film close to Vikram Bhatt's heart". At the same time, he emphasises in an interview to that it is "marketable to say that the film is based on Sushmita Sen," whom he was seeing at some point during his marital life. At the same time, he doesn't mince the fact that it is, indeed, based on the "emotions" he felt when he was "in a relationship" while "married".